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Gabby Kerrigan April 22, 2024 4 min read

Segal Benz Client Named First Place Eddy Award Winner!

Last month, the winners of the 2024 Eddy Awards were announced at the Pensions & Investments Defined Contribution (DC) East Coast Conference in Orlando, Florida. Each year, the Eddy Awards recognize plan sponsors and service providers that showcase best practices in investment and financial education to DC plan participants.

Once again, we’re thrilled to share that one of our clients—SLB (formerly Schlumberger)—won an Eddy Award. This year, SLB was named as a first place Eddy Award winner in the special projects category. We collaborated with SLB on their winning campaigns, Big Health Energy, Big Financial Energy, and Meet Your Match. Big Health Energy, which promoted total well-being, was the blueprint for subsequent campaigns, including Meet Your Match, that focused on financial well-being.

These three innovative campaigns successfully captured employees’ attention. They also showcased SLB’s investment in the physical, emotional, financial, and total well-being of their people. But most importantly, all three campaigns delivered impressive results and engagement across SLB’s benefits programs.

Here’s How They Did It

As SLB looked at their U.S. benefits in 2023, they wanted to make sure their offerings focused on inclusivity and accessibility, so their people could have the same access to resources, regardless of where they work or are located. They also wanted to help employees improve their holistic well-being. The result: a comprehensive plan to introduce both new resources and enhancements to existing programs that would help people manage different aspects of their physical, emotional, financial, and total well-being. These changes were rolled out to employees in waves.

To ensure that employees were aware of their new benefits and enhanced programs, we worked with SLB to create an overarching strategic communications campaign. The goal was to educate employees on these new benefits and enhanced programs, so they could take full advantage of them.

Our strategic communications campaign included developing a new visual identity and tone of voice. In addition to the visual look and feel, we also worked with SLB and their vendors to create a robust communications road map. This road map included communications plans for each benefit, segmented by audience. It served as our compass, allowing us to strategically determine when to communicate and through what communications vehicles.

Together, with the visual identity and communications road map, we were able to effectively promote SLB’s new benefits and enhanced programs through interactive digital and print communications in a unique, engaging way, starting with the first campaign, Big Health Energy. This campaign focused on:

  • An enhanced employee assistance program (EAP)
  • New fertility, hypertension and diabetes, and musculoskeletal programs
  • Two new paid holidays


Taking Things Up a Notch

There’s no doubt that the visual look and feel, as well as tone of voice of Big Health Energy pushed creative limits. It resonated so well with SLB employees that we applied it to the Big Financial Energy campaign as a spin-off to the original campaign.

The goal of Big Financial Energy was to introduce and promote new financial wellness benefits to all SLB employees, especially those who felt they couldn’t meet their financial goals, including:

  • A financial education center that housed existing and new resources
  • A financial health assessment
  • A student loan repayment program
  • Cost-effective personal loans
  • A financial planning tool

These resources gave employees more options to manage their financial well-being allowing them to stay confident in SLB’s continuous investment in them.


The biggest, boldest change to SLB’s financial benefits was communicated through the third and final campaign, Meet Your Match. The enhancements in this campaign allowed for employees to receive up to a 10% company match on their contributions.

This enhancement was a significant investment from SLB into their people’s retirement savings! To help educate employees on this change, SLB released a series of interactive communications, including a 401(k) infographic guide, video, and decision-support questionnaire.


Keys to Success

There were several keys to the success of these campaigns. First and foremost, SLB’s commitment to their people is strong. They actively listen to employees and tailor their benefits with these needs in mind.

Second, SLB recognizes the role that communications play in educating their people and promoting the value of their new benefits and program enhancements. They leaned into communications channels that reached all employees, regardless of location. They also helped build overall usage and engagement in the new benefits and program enhancements.

Finally, SLB wasn’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone to create a unique visual identity for their communications campaigns. SLB understood that continuous communication was crucial to help employees make the most of their total well-being benefits.

We’re thankful to SLB for entrusting us as their communications partner in this effort and to Pensions & Investments for recognizing SLB’s commitment to their people through these campaigns.

We’re proud to work with organizations that value their people. If you want to learn more, we’d love to talk.

Gabby Kerrigan

Gabby Kerrigan, Communications Consultant, is experienced in developing and implementing results-driven engagement strategies that help employees better interact with their benefits.