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Jennifer Benz May 4, 2011 1 min read

Articles and stats about mobile apps and technology

Top tweets of April

My top tweets of April are focused mostly on how technology—mobile apps in particular—are advancing benefits communication to a whole new level.

Mobile apps for health care

It’s amazing what companies are doing to bring health and benefits information to the consumer. And with the growth of smart phones and tablets, you can expect this trend to continue.

I’m quoted in this article with @boltyboy & @limeade about mobile apps for benefits:

Downloading OptumizeMe—new social/challenges app from UHC.

RT @healthythinker: #tablet market will become 3rd largest consumer electronics segment by 2015 after TVs & PCs |

RT @healthythinker: Women, Chief Household Officers, like to manage #health via smartphones #hcsm #mhealth |

Technology and benefits

Technology is not only helping us stay informed, but helping us stay connected to each other.

Labor Department wants input on rules for electronic benefits information

RT @patientslikeme Every ten seconds on #PatientsLikeMe #patient shares answer to a survey question about their health.

RT @andresttapia: #Boomers find social media helps them stay connected. 42% of 50+ crowd uses social media.

RT @johnhollon: Employees Using Their Own For Work, But Employers Are Slow to Respond

In other news in health care…

Defining essential benefits: How much is too much?

Younger employees taking keener interest in workplace benefits

The future of your health care—Good look at some big changes coming up

Jennifer Benz

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