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Isabelle Englund-Geiger June 27, 2012 1 min read

Introducing Printingland—Understanding the printing process involved in your benefits communication

Somebody wise once said that printing is not a technology, it’s a craft. And that couldn’t be more true—the most amazing craftsmen I have ever met were pressmen. I was lucky enough to learn everything there is about printing from one of the best, a son in a family-run print shop in San Francisco, when those were still common back in the day.

Even in our connected and electronic world, printing is and will continue to be a valuable part of any integrated communications campaign. And it is far more complex than pressing “print.”

When we present a schedule, often clients wonder why it takes 10 days (or more!) to get a brochure printed and in the mail. Or they wonder why we build so much cushion into our schedules. But it is hard to make the printing process clear and easy to understand by phone.

Humidity affects the paper, ink needs to dry, prepress issues come up before you even get on press, pigments in some inks interact weirdly, ghosting, kiss-offs, the printer has two other jobs lined up that take 4 days each to print and we just missed our slot to get in between those.

You’ve tuned out, right?

Exactly. And so, I present to you Printingland—the Benz board game that takes you along the path of the life of a print piece. You can download the Printingland PDF or take an interactive stroll through Printingland by clicking through the presentation below. Enjoy!

Isabelle Englund-Geiger

SVP Communications Leader