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Jennifer Benz December 8, 2016 1 min read

Post-enrollment communications campaign evaluation worksheet

With the end of open enrollment, you’ve cleared your biggest hurdle of the year and are probably looking forward to some downtime—after all, you’ll need to regroup before you tackle your holiday shopping list, right?

Before you file away this year’s campaign deliverables—and while you still have some momentum—we recommend that you take some time to reflect upon your enrollment communications campaign this year. We heard those collective groans! But think about it: You spend months developing your strategy, then creating and rolling out your enrollment communications. Doesn’t it make sense to pay attention to what worked well and where there are opportunities for improvement next year?

We think so. In fact, we’re doing this right now for our clients’ open enrollment campaigns. We close every client engagement with a thorough debriefing session during which we capture successes, identify areas for improvement, and review any metrics tied to the campaign. Using a form we’ve created for just this purpose, we capture this information and then use it to inform the strategy we develop for our clients the following year.

Take a page from our playbook and set yourself up for even greater success next year. To help you do that, we’ve designed an open enrollment communications campaign debrief worksheet to guide you in evaluating this year’s enrollment campaign, and provide constructive analysis for next year’s planning. The worksheet’s different categories prompt you to reflect on the potentially game-changing parts of your campaign: planning, results measurement, project management, and post-enrollment follow-up and planning for next year.

And, like any sort of reflection, sooner is better than later. You may feel inclined to table this debrief until next open enrollment, but we encourage you to rally your troops while this year’s campaign is still fresh in your mind.

Get started today. Download our open enrollment communications campaign debrief worksheet now and get a head start on planning for next year. Need help putting your post-enrollment communication plans into action? Contact us for more information about how we can help!  

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Jennifer Benz

Jennifer Benz, SVP Communications Leader, has been on the leading edge of employee benefits for more than 20 years and is an influential voice in the employee benefits industry.