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Jennifer Benz August 15, 2012 1 min read

Results from our Inside Benefits Communication Survey!

Employers are missing key opportunities to use their benefits communications to meet larger strategic goals. In many cases, they are also failing to implement simple, proven best practices that could help them get the most value from their investment in benefits. That’s the top finding from our Inside Benefits Communication survey.

Thanks to all of you who participated and helped spread the word, we collected data from 298 HR and benefits pros in organizations of all sizes. The results are compelling:

  • While respondents share clear and ambitious goals, few are meeting them all.
  • Few document their communications strategy, a key step in connecting communications efforts with key benefits and business goals.
  • Most have annual budgets of less than $25,000 for benefits communication, an insufficient amount to meet even basic needs.
  • Getting employees and families engaged year round led the top benefits communication challenges with 78% identifying it as a concern.
  • But few said they communicate year round, and adoption of the tools that ease year-round communication, including external benefits websites and social media, remains low.
  • While traditional print and in-person channels retain a strong position in the benefits communication arsenal, adoption of new media and mobile channels is slow.

We’ve pulled together the most important information, highlighted what successful HR and benefits teams are doing (and, in many cases, not doing!) and included practical tips that all organizations can use to get the most value from their benefits.

Now, more than ever, employers should be looking to strategic benefits communication to help manage costs and motivate critical behavior change among employees and families.

No one can afford to miss key opportunities. We hope the survey report will shed light on common mistakes and help you set a path toward success!

Download the survey report here:

Inside Benefits Communication Survey Report

Jennifer Benz

Jennifer Benz, SVP Communications Leader, has been on the leading edge of employee benefits for more than 20 years and is an influential voice in the employee benefits industry.