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Segal Benz July 16, 2019 1 min read

Communications Stand Out with Headlines That Rhyme

Dr. Seuss was famous for his rhyming writing style, and as it turns out, he was onto something! Research suggests that rhyming language increases processing fluency, which makes it easier for employees to understand your main message.1 What’s more, when people easily understand something, they judge it to be more true and more likeable.2 Another great bonus with rhymes is that they are often eye-catching, which is key to making your communications stand out so employees stop and pay attention to them. This technique is most powerful when it’s applied to headlines for communication emails, posters, and postcards, so focus your rhyming efforts there for maximum impact.

Let’s see how this came to life in a few campaigns:

Sample of rhyming headline

Sample of rhyming headline

Sample of rhyming headline

The next time you’re looking for inspiration, we encourage you to try some rhymes in your lines! For more easy ideas inspired by behavioral science, check out our guide, Motivating Employees to Live Healthier Lives: Behavioral Science for Benefits Communication.

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