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Laura Hensley August 8, 2022 1 min read

Tools and Tips to Give Your Open Enrollment Benefits Communications a Boost

Annual open enrollment is right around the corner, and that means your team is in the middle of your busiest season. We know that open enrollment is the most important time for making sure your communications are helping your people make smart decisions. To help you create the most effective enrollment communications this year, we’ve rounded up our favorite (and best!) open enrollment blogs and webinars.

Communicating Your Benefits During Open Enrollment

Are Virtual Events Here to Stay? (Psst…The Answer Is Yes!)
6 Tips for Communicating Wellness Programs During Open Enrollment
Targeting Open Enrollment Communications for Better Engagement
Annual Enrollment: Changing Your Strategy and Planning for Virtual Events
Annual Enrollment for Higher Ed: Changing Your Strategy and Planning for Virtual Events

Strategy and Branding

5 Research Statistics to Guide Your Communications Strategy
7 Innovative Case Studies to Inspire Your Communications
Metrics That Matter for HR and Benefits Communication
Communicating Bad News to Your People
Making It Easier to Engage with Benefits Information
6 Things That Make an Employee Benefits Website Great

Taking a Marketing Approach to Your Comms

Use Online Focus Groups to Better Understand Your Audience
Bold Messages That Work: An Enrollment Campaign That Created Buzz for New Benefits Among Millennials
Designing a Memorable Employee Experience for Annual Enrollment—and Every Day

Incorporating Behavioral Science to Drive Action

Do More with Less: Leverage Loss Aversion to Spur Action
Rhymes on a Page Get Employees to Engage

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