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Open Enrollment Communications Campaign Debrief Worksheet

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Any open enrollment campaign is only as good as its results.

Use our open enrollment communications campaign debrief worksheet to help guide you in assessing yours. You’ll come away knowing:

  • What worked well.
  • Where you have opportunities for improvement next year.
  • Where you may need to adjust target metrics, going forward.

Once you’ve captured this key information, be sure to use it to tee up an even more successful open enrollment next year!

About the Worksheet

We start all our client engagements with strategy, but we also close them with a thorough debrief session during which we capture open enrollment successes, identify areas for improvement, and review and adjust metrics aligned with the campaign’s goals, if necessary.

This worksheet will help you and your team reflect upon this year’s enrollment campaign, and provide you with constructive analysis for next year’s planning. Be sure to complete it while enrollment is still fresh in your mind.