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Unlocking Successful Benefits Communication. Book I: Foundation

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Employee benefits are a huge investment. The programs a company offers can truly affect people’s lives—but only if employees use them. As a benefits leader, one of your top priorities is engaging employees in their benefits. And you only get that with communication.

Through our research and work with large employers, we’ve identified 10 key components of effective benefits communication. In the first book of our ebook series, Unlocking successful benefits communication: Foundation, you’ll learn:

  • How to develop a strategy to drive your communication
  • The fundamentals of a cohesive benefits brand to apply across all your communications
  • The hallmarks of a standout benefits website

Inside the Series

According to our 2015 CFO survey, 34% of CFOs agree that health benefits play an important role in achieving strategic goals—including attracting, retaining, and engaging talent—and reducing their company’s benefits spend. They also agree that benefits help employees better manage their health and become more informed health care consumers.

All benefits leaders know that benefits are an important part of employee engagement. But many HR pros are wary of investing more in communication because they’re uncertain about the right approach. Using the 10 keys we outline in our e-book series, organizations of all sizes can create a path to truly engage employees in the right programs at the right time.

This ebook provides a deep dive into the first three keys (strategy, brand, and a benefits website). The second ebook will cover the next four keys, which focus on marketing your benefits like a pro. And, in the third ebook, we’ll walk you through choosing the right vendor partners and building your business case for getting the budget and resources you need to make it all happen.