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Are your people satisfied with your organization? Are they happy with the plans and programs you offer? Are your communications to them being presented in the ways they prefer? Successful communications campaigns start with an understanding of your people and their preferences. Surveys, polls, and focus groups—whether virtual or in person—can all help you gain that crucial understanding of who your people are.

What We Can Do for You

Taking the pulse of your organization is a critical first step in engaging with your people. We can conduct research so you can hear directly from your people via surveys, spot polls, focus groups, and even virtual focus groups that can include up to 1,000 people at a time (a great way to gather super-rich data).

We can make it all happen for you—from designing surveys, polls, and focus groups and writing discussion guides to facilitating the listening activities, reporting on the results, and developing insights that can help guide your communications strategy toward achieving your desired outcomes. 


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