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With a nod to consumer marketing and a bold, new benefits brand, Lenovo elevates the employee benefits experience by putting the employee front and center.

Lenovo is a global leader in technology solutions, and since 2013, it has been the world’s leader in personal computer sales. After years of extensive growth through mergers and acquisitions, the company needed to shift its focus to compete for and retain top talent. Key to this endeavor was making Lenovo a great place to work and supporting employees with an improved employee benets experience.

52,000 Employees worldwide
Customers in 160+ countries
$43 billion Annual revenue
I love telling people to pull up not just employees, who I send there all the time, but even others in the industry to see an example of how we’ve approached helping employees realize more of the value of their benefits. Simply putting the plans and programs in place isn’t enough.”
Karen Adams Lenovo Senior Benets Manager

Moving Benefits to the Forefront of the Employee Experience 

We first started working with Lenovo in 2017, and at that time, its strategic initiatives included aligning benefits, tools, and resources across the legacy companies and increasing employee engagement with programs. To find benefits information, employees needed to traverse  multiple not-always-easy-to-traverse benefits resources, including benefits administrators’ sites, intranet pages, and a small microsite. This needed to change.

Lenovo sought to improve the perceived value of its benefits by communicating about them not in silos as stand-alone benefits but holistically as ways to improve people’s lives. This required not only a fresh approach to leveraging Lenovo’s administration platform but also the creation of a new benefits brand and identity that moved beyond simply telling employees about benefits to actively marketing benefits to employees and their families. From there, to achieve the level of engagement Lenovo sought, we developed an online consumer experience, with campaigns that drive results.


Forging a Strong Brand to Build a Website On 

We started by developing a new, world-class, dynamic visual identity and voice that could be applied across all campaign deliverables—including a new marketing website. It leveraged elements from Lenovo’s external brand and featured strong colors, clear copy, and distinctive photography that reinforced the brand identity.

We also built a new open, non-password-protected benefits marketing website that draws on the look and feel of Lenovo’s consumer site. It features consumer marketing techniques like parallax animation on the home page, which accentuates content and visuals. The website is designed to provide key information about how and why each benefit helps people lead better lives. It then quickly connects employees to where they need to go to take action—to provider websites for more detailed information or to the administration platform, where they can make transactions (e.g., select and enroll in benefits during enrollment) or find other educational content.


Campaigns That Mirror the Consumer Experience 

Keeping Lenovo employees engaged with their benefits is a year-round effort at Lenovo. It’s important to the company that benefits are communicated in a way that seamlessly integrates and cross-leverages vendor programs, discounts, and events. Key to this is framing the programs around the problems they can solve versus as stand-alone benefits.

This approach inspired one of the company’s most successful campaigns. Just as your favorite brands promote new products through campaigns that drive you to their websites to buy, Lenovo’s often humorous #lifehacks campaign directs employees to The campaign presents a series of relatable scenarios followed by practical hacks that involve solutions to everyday problems or challenges through lesser-known or underutilized benefits or programs.

#Lifehacks created a buzz not only among employees but also among Lenovo’s vendor partners. The campaign was such a huge hit, driving increased traffic to the site, that it was followed by a second, #evenmorelifehacks campaign, which featured 13 additional hacks.

“This has been such a fun campaign,” said Lenovo Senior Benefits Manager Karen Adams. “I really love the visuals that went along with this one. People find it really relatable. We were able to approach benefits from an employee's shoes. I find myself telling people often, 'There's a life hack at that sounds like what you're describing to me. So, check out the hack. Let me know what you think.' Even when I've talked with others in the benefits world in the industry, this has basically become part of my elevator speech to illustrate our approach to benefits and benefits communication.”

To learn more about our work with Lenovo, watch our webinar, Lessons from Lenovo: Driving Engagement with a Holistic Approach to Benefits Communication.