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You want your people to be aware of the great plans and programs you offer and to get the most from them, and interactive content is a great way to do that. Quizzes and decision tools are two ways to create interactive content that educates and directs people to take action.

Interactive tools can be incredibly useful in educating your people and helping them make decisions. These tools can help build trust for your organization and benefits and add a bit of flair and fun to your benefits campaigns.

Recent studies show that interactive content, like quizzes and decision support tools, can help:

  • Grab attention and increase user interactions
  • Make messages stick, especially when combined with traditional communications
  • Increase traffic to benefits websites
  • Make use of existing content
  • Drive audience engagement

These interactive tools help drive results too. When we created a 401(k) quiz for Synopsys, the results were impressive: More than 25% of employees took the quiz, savings rates increased by 50%, investing jumped 175%, and asset allocation changes increased 190%.


What We Can Do for You

We build award-winning interactive quizzes and decision support tools that explain and help people navigate all aspects of their benefits and other HR programs.

Physical, emotional, and financial wellness decision support tools drive desired behaviors and nudge people to make better decisions. Decision support tools can also drive traffic to and raise awareness about your benefits website, which is key to helping your people understand and make the most of the benefits you invest in.

The interactive features we build include:

  • Short quizzes that provide recommendations and/or checklists to help guide your people in determining which programs to enroll in
  • Medical plan decision support modeling tools that help your people assess which plans and programs are right for their needs, based on a cost-benefit and needs analysis
  • Chatbots and other conversation tools that engage in conversations with your people to provide real-time support when they have questions about their benefits or rewards
  • Interactive videos and infographics that guide your people through an immersive experience to get them to understand the right steps to take based on their situations
  • Calculators and modeling tools that ask a few questions and show you what you will pay for different types of benefits coverage, or what benefits you are entitled to, based on some self-selected inputs

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