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Videos are super-effective ways to market the plans and programs you offer. They can serve as educational tools to help simplify complex concepts for your people. Whatever your communications goals, video can play an important role in helping you achieve them.

What We Can Do for You

As experts in all facets of video production, we’re able to create any kind of video you need, whether it’s a short promo or a lengthy educational video that walks your people through every step of a process. We manage all aspects of video creation from scripting to editing to hosting. The types of videos we create include:

Promotional videos

These are the videos to advertise new program offerings or highlight existing ones. Often featuring an engaging soundtrack, these videos are generally shorter in length. Types of promotional videos that we create include:

  • Animated slideshow videos – These videos use light animation, imagery, and testimonials to highlight the benefits and successes of program offerings.
  • Commercials – Just like those you see on TV, these are designed with animation, on-screen copy and/or voice-over narration, and motion graphics to convey the benefits of your programs.

Educational videos

These videos provide a dynamic educational experience for the more visually oriented learner, in an engaging and effective medium. They are generally longer than the promotional videos and come in different formats, including:
  • Animated educational videos – With basic or more advanced animation, these videos walk visual learners through actionable steps using visuals on screen and voice-over narration; they may also use a whiteboard format, to sketch out the lesson and create a real classroom experience..
  • Live action – These videos feature people from your organization or actors walking through an educational session, often with lots of visual aids.

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