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When people power your organization, it’s critical for you to hire and retain the best and brightest individuals out there. That’s why nailing the recruiting and onboarding experience for your people is so important to the success of your organization.

Are you communicating your value proposition in a way that’s engaging your people and attracting the kind of workforce that will help ensure your success in the future?

Do you have an onboarding experience that welcomes people and sets them up for success? When you hire people, there are multiple steps and processes for them to take and follow. It’s difficult for many organizations to tie all this together in a seamless and approachable way for your people. And it’s critical that your organization nails this first impression.

What We Can Do for You

Engaging your people and showing candidates what you have to offer requires a talent management communications strategy and public-facing communications.

Depending on your talent management goals, we can work with you to develop a communications strategy that defines your current—and even future—workforce personas. We’ll also work with you to determine what differentiates your organization from your competitors, to ensure that those attributes come through loud and clear to the candidates you’re hoping to attract.

We can also create tools and content to make the onboarding experience as seamless and welcoming as possible. What if you had a tool that completely automated your processes and new hire communications, freeing up your managers and HR people to focus on other parts of their jobs and creating an awesome experience for new hires? We can create this for you!

We work with organizations to create:

  • Talent management communications strategies
  • Public-facing HR, rewards, and benefits websites
  • New hire onboarding experiences
  • Candidate websites
  • Recruiting infographics
  • Social media content

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