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Segal Benz June 22, 2022 5 min read

Start Here for Benefits Communication That Hits the Mark


We help great organizations inspire people to improve their health, their finances, and their futures by encouraging them to think differently about how they communicate to their employees about their benefits. One of the key ways we do that is by sharing our insights on our blog and through our resources.

The posts below are a good way to orient yourself with our work, whether you’re new to the Segal Benz Blog or a returning reader. We’ve curated these selections from our rich collection of blogs. You’ll also find more on everything you’ll need for effective benefits communication in our free resources library.

Why Benefits Communications Matters

Benefits drive business goals, foster loyalty, improve morale, and increase productivity—but only if your people know about them and use them. And that only happens with simple, frequent communication.

How to Effectively Communicate Big Benefits Changes

What 3 Clients Learned About Benefits Communication During the Pandemic

3 Things We Wish Everyone Knew About Benefits Communication

5 Reasons Why Benefits Communication Is More Important Than Ever

5 Ways That Benefits Improve Employee Engagement—and the Bottom Line

7 Reasons Your Employees Don’t Care About Their Benefits

The 10 Keys to Unlocking Effective Benefits Communication

We’ve cracked the code to effective benefits communications. When applied correctly, our 10-key framework increases engagement with benefits. We share our methodology in our 3-ebook series, Unlocking Successful Benefits Communication: A 10-Key Framework Every Organization Needs to Get Results. The following blog posts highlight our 10-key approach.

Creating the Right Foundation

To create truly successful benefits communications, you need to start with a few fundamentals: a communications strategy, a strong brand, and a single place where your people can find all their benefits information. Learn why these things matter. 


5 Research Statistics to Guide Your Communications Strategy

7 Innovative Case Studies to Inspire Your Communications

Metrics That Matter for HR and Benefits Communication

Debunking 7 Myths About Employee Benefits Communication

Use Employee Personas to Power Up Your Communications Strategy

What We Can Learn from Amazon to Drive Employee Benefits 

Why Your Employees Do Nothing (and What to Do About It)

Your Participants’ Demographics Are Changing. Are Your Communications Keeping Up?

Communicating Bad News to Your People


Don’t Cut Corners: Brand Your New Benefits to Truly Engage Employees

Harness the Power of Your Brand to Drive Benefits Engagement


Making It Easier to Engage with Benefits Information

5 Common Website Usability Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Does Your Benefits Site Accommodate All Your People?

6 Things That Make an Employee Benefits Website Great

Bringing a Benefits Website to Life

Gorgeous Benefits Website Home Pages to Inspire Your Thinking

Taking a Marketing Approach

The best way to get people to engage in their benefits is by borrowing a page from the consumer marketing playbook: Elicit and act on feedback; simplify; target and segment your audience; and use a variety of channels to communicate throughout the year.


Use Online Focus Groups to Better Understand Your Audience

Ask Employees What They Want. That Way, You’ll Create Programs They Actually Use

Employee Feedback Is Crucial for Successful Benefits Programs


Visual Media Makes Benefits More Accessible

Bold Messages That Work: An Enrollment Campaign That Created Buzz for New Benefits Among Millennials

Why Looks Matter: Highly Visual Communications Improve Engagement

Multi-Channel, Year-Round

Factors to Consider Before Adding a Channel to Your Communications Mix

Reaching Your Dispersed Workforce

Targeted Messaging

7 Ways to Engage Employee Resource Groups in Benefits Communications

Personalized Benefits Communication: Are We Making It Easy Enough?

Targeting and Segmenting Benefits Communications: What You Need to Know

Easy-to-Use Decision Support Tools to Help Your Employees Make Good Choices

Employee Experience

Reimagining the Employee Onboarding Experience

Benefits Ambassadors Are the Real Deal

Designing a Memorable Employee Experience for Annual Enrollment—and Every Day

Use the New-Hire Experience to Set the Tone for Benefits Communication

Incorporating Behavioral Science

Apply the science of how people make decisions to help your employees overcome barriers to engagement and maximize the effectiveness of your communications.

5 Behavioral Nudges That Boost Retirement Planning Engagement

2 Universities Show Behavioral Nudges That Work

Apply Behavioral Economics to Build a Better Wellness Program

Do More with Less: Leverage Loss Aversion to Spur Action

Rhymes on a Page Get Employees to Engage

Aligning Resources

The best communicators know how to do more with less and leverage resources to create standout communications.

How to Get the Biggest Impact from Your Communications—With Any Budget

How to Get Big Results with a Limited Benefits Communication Budget

How to Meet Communication Budget and Resource Challenges

The Top 3 Signs You Should Be Investing in Benefits Communications

With Benefits Communications Budgets on the Rise, Here’s How to Spend Wisely

Open Enrollment

No time is more important than open enrollment for ensuring your communications are helping your people make smart decisions. These insights can help.

Are Virtual Events Here to Stay? (Psst…The Answer is Yes!)

6 Mistakes You're Making with Your CDHP Rollout

6 Tips for Communicating Wellness Programs During Open Enrollment

Last-Minute Open Enrollment Advice from Our Communications Consultants

Our Best Advice: Tips, Tricks, and Resources You Can Apply This Enrollment

Targeting Open Enrollment Communications for Better Engagement


When it comes to getting people engaged in benefits that improve their well-being—physical, emotional, financial wellness, or all 3—your communications have a big job to do. These blogs explain why.

Rethinking Mental Health

How to Help Your Employees Improve Their Personal Finances

How to Help Your People Stress Less and Avoid Burnout

Why Your Employees Are Burned Out and What You Can Do About It

Wooing Workers Back to the Workplace

5 Ways to Support Your Managers—So They Can Support Your Well-Being and Benefits Efforts

4 Campaigns That Show How Silicon Valley's Top Employers Integrate Health and Wealth

5 Ways to Help Employees Prioritize Health and Financial Well-Being

5 Ways to Make Your Mindfulness Program Stick

Getting Results-Based Wellness Right: The 5 Rules of Employee Engagement

Lessons from Lenovo: Creating an Employee Experience and Focus on Holistic Well-Being

Let Your Employees Be Your Guide in Creating a Financial Wellness Strategy

Why Saving Is So Hard for Employees (and Why Employers Should Care)

Push Your Employees Offline—and on Vacation

Financial Wellness Matters Now More than Ever

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