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New Year, New Opportunity: 5 Tips for Elevating Benefits Communications in 2024

Happy Holidays from Segal Benz!

How to Spark Your Creativity

Hype Your Benefits During Annual Enrollment and Year-Round Using 5 Proven Marketing Methods

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Drop the Jargon. Keep It Simple

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Promoting Behavioral Health Benefits During Mental Health Awareness Month

Creating Retirement Income for Life: Reflections on an Award-Winning Innovation

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How to Make It Easy for Employees to Select Their Beneficiaries

Key Benefits and Total Rewards Communications to Prioritize in 2023

4 Signs That It’s Time to Give Your Website a Makeover

Happy Holidays from Segal Benz!

Building Trust and Dispelling Fears: Encouraging Preventive Care Through Healthy Activity and Smart Incentives

Communicating About Lifetime Income: A New Framework from DCIIA

How to Create the Most Helpful Parent and Caregiver Support Experience

Engage All the Generations in Your Workforce

3 Marketing Techniques That Will Increase Employee Engagement

Tools and Tips to Give Your Open Enrollment Benefits Communications a Boost

3 Engaging Enrollment Campaigns to Spark Your Creativity

Investing for Impact: Communicating About ESG in DC Plans

4 Stats That Prove Investing in Benefits Communications Pays Off

Start Here for Benefits Communication That Hits the Mark

Reaching Your Dispersed Workforce

Rethinking Mental Health

7 Ways to Engage Employee Resource Groups in Benefits Communications

Mental Health Awareness Month: Removing Barriers to Accessing Mental Health Resources

How to Get the Biggest Impact from Your Communications—With Any Budget

Making It Easier to Engage with Benefits Information

5 Common Website Usability Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Boost Employee Benefits Communication and Financial Well-Being with America Saves Week

Communicating the No Surprises Act to Your Employees and Plan Members

Reimagining the Employee Onboarding Experience

How to Help Your Employees Improve Their Personal Finances

How to Extend Health Care Access Beyond a Provider’s Facilities

How to Create a Health and Communication Strategy That Opens Your Digital Front Door

5 Behavioral Nudges That Boost Retirement Planning Engagement

Segal Benz Testifies Before the U.S. DOL ERISA Advisory Council

How to Approach Open Enrollment This Year

Engage Your Managers to Support Well-Being and Benefits Efforts

How to Make Your Website More Inclusive and Effective

5 Signs Virtual Events Are Here to Stay

Wooing Workers Back to the Workplace? Here’s What You Need to Know.

How to Help Employees Return to Work and Reconnect with Others

Learn More About Your Audience with Online Focus Groups

5 Ways to Cut Through Burnout so Your Benefits Communications Reach Your People

How to Address Concerns Regarding COVID-19 Vaccinations That Exist Within the Black Community

Learn How to Combat Racial Disparities in Health Care

CEOs Weigh In on COVID-19 and Communications

What to Tell Your People About Getting Vaccinated Against COVID-19

What We Learned About Benefits Communication During the Pandemic

Segal Benz Clients Place First at the Eddy Awards

Content Is King, but Without Measuring Results, Does It Really Matter?

Inspire and Engage Your People with Communications That Work

Help Your Employees Learn How to Improve Their Well-Being at Work

What’s Trending in 2021 for Employee Benefits Communications

Sorry I’m Late

Happy Holidays from Segal Benz!

Meet Howard Fluhr, an Employee Benefits Innovator and HR Legend

Why Your Communications Strategy May Need a COVID-Related Upgrade

Videos Make Employee Benefits Easy to Understand

What Get Out the Vote Teaches Us About the Value of Good Design

Adding Print Materials to Employee Communications Drives Action

Helping People Understand Big Changes Drives Acceptance

Best Practices for Conducting Annual Enrollment This Year

Health Care Reform Revisited: 10 Years Later

Help Your People Make the Best Decisions with These Support Tools

How to Encourage Employees to Take Vacation Time During COVID-19

Open Enrollment Communication Tips

Learn How to Communicate Bad News to Your People

The Financial Fallout of COVID-19 and Its Toll on Americans

Move Your In-Person Benefits Fair Online and Reimagine the Possibilities

What You Need to Communicate About the SECURE Act

COVID-19 Makes Promoting Well-Being Resources More Important Than Ever

Learn How the Coronavirus and Technology Are Reshaping Benefits Communications

SCOTUS Agrees Employees Lack “Actual Knowledge” of Retirement Plan Disclosures They Have Not Read

COVID-19 in Your 20s

Communicating COVID-19 Legislation

What to Tell Employees About the Coronavirus and Their Health Benefits

Webinar Series Helps You Learn How to Create Benefits Communication That Drives Engagement

3 Reasons to Add Benefits Ambassadors to Your Communication Strategy

Clearing Up 7 Employee Benefits Communication Misconceptions

Making Personalized Benefits Communication Easy to Access

Hot Topics in Employee Benefits for 2020

2 Universities Show Behavioral Nudges That Work

There IS an Environmentally Friendly Way to Do Print Communications

Top 5 Reasons Your Benefits Communication Isn’t Prompting Action

Last-Minute Open Enrollment Advice from Our Communications Consultants

Frame Benefits Communication Around FOMO to Inspire People to Act

8 Breathing Exercises to Relieve Stress During Annual Enrollment

Highly visual communications improve the potential for benefits engagement

Your Participants’ Demographics Are Changing. Are Your Communications Keeping Up?

Encouraging Mindfulness Improves Employees’ Workplace Experience

Communications Stand Out with Headlines That Rhyme

To Help Your People—and Organization—Succeed, Communicate Effectively

These Engaging Campaigns Factor Health and Finances into Well-Being

Ask These Communication Capability Questions in Benefit Vendor RFPs

Benefits Website Home Pages Worth Borrowing From

Prioritizing Where to Spend Growing Benefits Communication Budgets

Even a Small Benefits Communication Budget Can Result in Big Success

Lessons Learned from Lenovo’s Approach to Holistic Well-Being

These 2 P&I Eddy Award Winners See Serious Results with Unique Benefits Communications Campaigns

Barrier-free benefits websites are key to benefits communication success

Soliciting and Listening to Employee Feedback Is Crucial to Engagement

Harness the Power of Your Brand to Drive Benefits Engagement

Introducing Segal Benz

What’s Ahead for Benefits

Borrow Tips from Consumer Marketing for Successful Benefits Engagement

Why Benefits Need to Be Communicated Year-Round

Successful Benefits Communications are Easy for Employees to Follow

Synopsys Receives P&I’s 2018 Excellence and Innovation Award

Lessons Learned from the 2018 HR Tech Conference

6 Clever Promos to Get Employees Excited About Open Enrollment

IRS Ruling Helps Student-Debt-Saddled Employees Save for Their Futures

5 Tips for Designing a Memorable Employee Experience for Annual Enrollment

Employees Take Action During Open Enrollment When Benefits Messages Target Their Circumstances

5 tips to help your employees reach their top wellness goals

Benz Communications goes to Washington

For Engagement, Promote Benefits at the Right Time via the Right Media

Strategies and Tactics for Successful High-Value Health Plan Rollouts

Better Benefits Communications Begin With Simple Language

Achieve Benefits Enrollment Goals with Better Plan Design and Communication

How employee benefits teams can better collaborate with internal communications

Effective benefits communication is designed from the employee perspective

Improve employee benefits engagement through targeted messaging strategies

3 user experience takeaways for benefits leaders

Highlights from the 2018 Health & Benefits Leadership Conference

Employee Feedback Is Crucial for Successful Benefits Programs

4 Tips to Get the Most from Your Vendor Communications

Companies with global employees need a global benefits website

The best resources to improve employee benefits engagement in 2018

5 Ways to Help Employees Prioritize Health and Financial Well-Being

Don’t miss the release of our 10-key framework for successful benefits communication

Benefits engagement is a high priority for employers

4 Benefits communication hacks for all employers, whatever their size

Before launching new benefits, ask employees what they need

Understanding—and overcoming—the challenge of saving for the future

New trends from fall 2017 open enrollment

How advanced analytics and machine learning can improve employee engagement in health and wellness programs

Lessons learned from 18 years of annual enrollments

Is adopting a new benefits communication channel a good idea?

Brainstorming tips to improve employee benefits engagement

Why employers—old and new—should help employees with 401(k) transitions

5 Product design steps to make your benefits programs more effective

Use product design ideas to create better employee benefits programs

Ways to reduce employee stress in the workplace

Budgets and resources required to drive employee benefits communication

3 Steps to ensure a rich user experience through your benefits website

Communicate the value of voluntary benefits during uncertain times

What keeps employees from using their benefits

How to manage costs amid uncertainty surrounding replacement of ACA

How benefits and communication improve employee and company health

Design benefits materials to align with how employees approach information

Adapt to 3 new benefits realities so that your company can thrive

Effective benefit communications target individuals, not averages

6 Essential elements of a great employee benefits website

If you don’t own the communications you can’t own the employee experience

Use takeaways from these events to boost engagement from your benefits communications

4 Simple tips for successful benefits communications

Changes to Obamacare: How to communicate current health care reform efforts to employees

Marketing tips fuel benefit engagement during new hire onboarding

How mobile is changing the way employers talk about employee benefits

5 Ways to Communicate Employee Benefits to Employees in Multiple Locations

Reinforce wellness programs and employee benefits this new year

Industry leaders look back to see what’s ahead for benefits

Post-enrollment communications campaign evaluation worksheet

Use behavioral economics in wellness program design

Tips for communicating employee benefits successfully to Millennials

For Employers: 3 Hot Topics in Employee Benefits That Deserve Your Attention

Annual enrollment causes stress for benefits professionals and employees

Aligning your employee communications with your public communications

Design Inspires Action: Get Out the Vote

Industry leaders reflect on their proudest accomplishments

3 Reasons Why Video is Perfect for Benefits Communication

Explaining the embedded deductible: Your latest employee benefits communication challenge

Our Best Advice: Tips, Tricks, and Resources You Can Apply This Enrollment

How benefits providers can help employers deliver segmented and targeted communications

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3 benefits leaders zero in on where employees need help

The future of HR communications

6 Tips for Communicating Wellness Programs During Open Enrollment

4 Benefits leaders share what keeps them in benefits